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What İs Criminology?

"Criminology" is gotten from the Latin crimen, which means allegation, and the transliterated Greek logia, which has come to indicate "the investigation of," along these lines the investigation of wrongdoing. The answer to the question of what is Criminology is also important here.

What İs Psychology? - Longest Annotated Article

Many people picture a person reclining on a couch spilling deep personal secrets to a psychotherapist. My students are often surprised when they find out that I’m not a psychotherapist as well as a psychology instructor. Like many psychologists, I have no training in psychotherapy.The answer to the question of what is Psychology is also important here.

What İs Anthropology?

Human studies is the investigation of what makes us human. Anthropologists adopt an expansive strategy to understanding the a wide range of parts of the human experience, which we call comprehensive quality. They consider the past, through archaic exploration, to perceive how human gatherings lived hundreds or thousands of years back and what was critical to them. They consider what makes up our natural bodies and hereditary qualities, just as our bones, diet, and wellbeing. The answer to the question of what is anthropology is also important here.

What İs Sociology?

Social science is the investigation of human social connections and foundations. Human science's topic is various, going from wrongdoing to religion, from the family to the state, from the divisions of race and social class to the mutual convictions of a typical culture, and from social solidness to radical change in entire social orders. Binding together the investigation of these differing subjects of study is humanism's motivation of seeing how human activity and cognizance both shape and are molded by encompassing social and social structures. The question of "what is sociology" gains importance here.

What İs Biology? - The Complexity of Life

Science is the regular science that spotlights on the investigation of life and living creatures, including their structure, work, advancement, cooperation, development, dispersion, and scientific classification. The extent of the field is broad and is separated into a few specific controls, for example, life structures, physiology, ethology, hereditary qualities, and some more. The question of what is biology gains importance here