How Do I Stop My Kids From Watching YouTube?

Youtube, where 400 hours of video are uploaded every minute around the world; it has become a screen process for both adults and children, where a significant portion of the day is spent in front of it. Although the time spent by adults on their work and overtime is more limited than for children, unfortunately children spend most of the day on YouTube. "How Do I Stop My Kids From Watching YouTube?" the question becomes more meaningful.

We're not just going to talk about YouTube about its losses. Youtube can provide very useful uses for making it easier to access practical information. It can become a useful source of sharing and information as long as it is not used for hours as a means of spending time and distraction. This is the case for adults, but even more attention should be paid to children.

Like all screen usages in the 0-3 age range, we certainly do not recommend the use of Youtube. Since this age bracket is especially the fastest period of brain development, the use of screens in general is much more harmful in this age range. The time can be calculated by adding +10 minutes for each age in the following period. Ten minutes at the age of four.


For the age of six, it can be calculated in thirty minutes. The separation of the child's wishes and needs while setting limits on this issue will lead the parent. Limits can be placed on the wishes of the child and these limits do not harm the psychological development of the child, but rather protect them. Basic needs such as acceptance, love, communication, listening and appreciation are processes that need to be met. Lack of real needs and limits harm the child, but the child may be restricted to their wishes. Limiting the desire of a child who wants to watch much more content on YouTube is important for his or her psychological and physical health.

It's important what YouTube isn't. Youtube is not a babysitter, it's not a pacifier, it's not a toy. Parents should not use YouTube for this functionality.

Youtube is a minefield with millions of dangerous content, among some certain benefits. Although Youtube itself has its own age limit, there is a lot of content for children under the age of 13. Children can jump from video to video on YouTube and face a lot of inappropriate content, violence, pornography, cyberbullying and advertising.

Kids are very vulnerable on YouTube. Many images and videos that seem fun to them can potentially and truly be damaging to them. The exposure of young children to content containing fear, violence and sexuality on YouTube is at a time when brain development is most sensitive; sleep problems, anxiety, depression, phobias and speech disorders can lead to many problems such as.

Making it easy for a child to spend time on YouTube only gives the parent a day-saving solution. In the long run, it causes considerable damage to the physical, emotional, cognitive and social development of children. Reasons such as lingering, having fun, staying calmer can't justify the child spending long hours uncontrollably on YouTube. Parents need to put a limit on this. When setting the limits we are talking about by age, it is permitted to monitor the content determined by parents from a parental account. The child should not be left uncontrollably on YouTube.

Nowadays, opening a Youtube channel, being a Youtuber is one of the most popular business areas. With the lure of popular, visible and likable to reach a large number of views and the motivation to generate revenue through YouTube, unfortunately, many parents are opening a YouTube channel through their children.

Some of them are so popular that there are parents who share every aspect of their child by making videos and gaining a popular identity and profit over the child. Clicks, receiving advertisements from companies according to the number of likes, turning into a product marketing site, sharing their children's special moments and making it continuous parents are hurting their children. The child, who has been stripped of his natural right to be a child, becomes a performance artist who performs as expected to be liked and to reach more views. Natural growth is deprived of developmental processes such as creating its own unique personality.

One of the biggest violations here is the child's privacy. 'He likes us to make his videos' is far from realistic in a defense. One of the most basic rights of the child is the right to privacy, which should be protected and not violated by the parents.


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