Should Children Be Allowed To Use Phone?

Should Children Be Allowed To Use Phone?

Managing a child's phone use has become one of the most fundamental responsibilities for today's parents. Many families have very serious problems determining the child's relationship by phone and drawing boundaries.
Before talking about how a parent will regulate a child's relationship with the phone, it's a good idea to go over the parent's basic responsibilities to the child. Will.

The primary and indispensable responsibility of the parent to the child is to meet the child's basic needs. Basic needs are the ones that keep them alive. Nutrition, shelter and health protection are considered to be basic necessities. The main thing in these needs is to survive. Because these needs are vital, institutions are expected to step in when the parent fails to meet or fails to meet them.

The parent has responsibilities other than meeting the child's basic needs. Other tasks of the parent include providing elements that will make the child feel good, experience positive emotions, bring out their abilities and improve.

Once we've determined your parent's responsibilities, we can talk about what kind of responsibility your parents have over the phone.

Now when we say phone, the devices we talk about are; they are intelligent devices that can perform many processes. The most basic function of smartphones is that they can easily connect to the Internet. In this way, phones offer the user a virtual and unlimited world.

Should Parents Get A Phone Call for Their Children?

Parents shouldn't buy phone calls for their children, but rather allow them to use a phone that's their property. Buying a product for a person means you leave the use of that product to that person. A parent's main task includes protecting the child from great dangers. Is the phone a device that poses a life-threatening device for the child? Yes. Because children are under great threats in an uncontrolled internet environment. The risk of not being able to protect their privacy on the Internet, being exposed to propaganda by terrorist organizations, and coinciding with pornographic content is very high. In the face of these risks, the parent may give the phone for the child to use in their control to meet certain needs.

Is having friends' phones reason enough to get a phone call for him?

The parent should focus on meeting the child's true needs in a healthy and accurate way. Just because the kid wants something doesn't mean it's a real need or the right choice. Healthy development of the child; it's not just about making her happy, it's about learning about life right. Having a phone with all your friends doesn't make it a need for a child. The parent must decide whether or not such a need is. It is not right for a parent to determine or make decisions based on the child's needs by looking after his or her friends.

So what does it mean to give a child a phone at parent's control?

All rights and responsibilities of a product you own are yours. The parent phone can allow the child to use with this awareness. In doing so, it is necessary to initially set some boundaries with the child. Now let's take these boundaries.

Children should not be exposed to the screen in any way until the age of 3. The daily screen time can be determined by increasing the screen time by 10 minutes for each age after the age of 3. This means that a 4-year-old can watch something on the screen for 10 minutes a day that the parent has determined. At the age of 6, this period can be increased to 30 minutes. After turning 12, this time is fixed to 120 minutes. The healthy limit for every individual over the age of 12 is accepted for 2 hours. In this case, it is not right to telephone the child if there is no special need before the age of 12.

It is also not right for a child under the age of 12 to use the parent's private phone. Children need to learn the right attitudes from adults. Today, mobile phones have become one of the most special items of individuals. Our phone refers not only to protect our privacy, but also to the privacy of others we communicate with over the phone. In order to protect this privacy and to teach her privacy, children can use the parent's phone under control and in a very limited way. Unauthorized use is strictly not permitted.

Parents who intend to allow the child to use the phone after the age of 12 can greatly protect their child from phone problems if they pay attention to the following limits.

Make a clear deal with a phone before you allow it to be used. Explain this clearly. In fact, make it written. You don't have to buy your child a new phone. Giving an average phone that can satisfy their needs will serve its psychological development more. Make sure that the internet package on the phone line does not exceed the minimum limit.

It is important that you include these limits in your agreement.

We saw fit to get a phone like this for you. We think he's going to let you use it. But first we have to make a deal with you. Choosing to use this phone also means that you agree to:

This phone belongs to me (whichever mother or father belongs to), and I'm allowing your use now, but that means I can take it from you when I feel it's necessary.
You can only use this phone at home for two hours. I don't interfere with anyone outside the house.

Since the phone belongs to me, I can take it from you at any time and look at its contents. You can't apply a password I don't know to anypart of the phone.
You can't open a social media account that I'm not a friend of, or any accounts on behalf of people who aren't real.

If you don't pay attention to these rules, it means you'd choose to take my phone back from you.

Keep in mind that these limits are not to prevent or deprive your child. On the contrary, the most obvious manifestation of your love for her is to fulfill your duty of protection. As the Pedagogical Society; We believe that the future will be built by children who have been taught to build healthy relationships with intelligent systems."


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